2/10/2022 1000-1600 獅子山 Lion Rock , 抱石Bouldering
(獅子山郊野公園Lion Rock Country Park)

4/10/2022 1000-1600 飛鵝山 Kowloon Peak , 抱石Bouldering
(彩虹站 Choi Hung Station)

8/10/2022 1000-1600 鴨脷洲 Ap Lei Chau, 長線Top Rope
(海怡半島利南道尾 End of Lee Nam Road, South Horizons)

13/10/2022 1000-1400 畢架山 Beacon Hill , 長線Top Rope
(龍欣道畢架山高地食水配水庫Beacon Hill High Level Fresh Water Service Reservior, Lung Yan Road)

20/10/2022 1000-1400 下花山 Ha Fa Shan, 抱石Bouldering
(安逸街近荃威花園F座 End of On Yat St near Allway Gardens Block F)

23/10/2022 1000-1600 寶馬山 Morning Buttress, 長線Top Rope
(寶馬山巴士總站Braemar Hill Bus Terminus)

30/10/2022 1000-1600 蓮花山 Lin Fa Shan, 抱石Bouldering
(安逸街近荃威花園F座 End of On Yat St near Allway Gardens Block F)

*(集合地點Gather Point)

價錢 Price
月至年票會員: 每月可參與2次免費戶外攀石日
Monthly to Annually members can enjoy 2 FREE Rock Days per month
非月費會員 Non-monthly member: $350
非會員Non member: +$50 作會員費及填寫免責聲明 member fee and complete the Waiver form on our Home page

1. FPS電話46113857 或
2. 銀行過數 769-331372-883 恆生銀行 Vita Beta Climbing Limited
並將付款證明Ig/Fb DM: vitabeta_hkclimbing 或 Whatsapp/ Signal: 4611 3857

Payment Method:
1. FPS Tel: 46113857 or
2. Bank Transfer 769-331372-883 Hang Seng Bank, Vita Beta Climbing Limited.
Please send us payment proof via Ig/Fb DM: vitabeta_hkclimbing or Whatsapp/ Signal: 4611 3857)

每日名額 Quota/day: 12
先到先得 First come first serve

惡劣天氣安排 Bad Weather Arrangement
If any Rock day event has to be cancelled due to bad weather, VB will inform participants at least 1 hour in advance. Members can join another session which is not fully booked within the same month.

報名 Application
Please apply below, more specific event details will be sent 1-2days before the activity.
To cancel the application, please inform VB staff as soon as possible.

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